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      Our Story

      Our journey began with SOUL®️ by Ludacris when we launched in the U.S. in 2010. As we grow into a brand selling in more and more regions globally, we strive to remember where we have been and who we are. Since day one, the company specializes in designing and offering high quality, noise cancelling, and wireless audio products like earphones that have an emphasis on technology and innovation. Whether you prefer wireless earbuds, headphones or speakers, SOUL products are designed in harmony with life’s hustle to keep you going.

      World-renowned sound and product engineers created SOUL’s first signature sound curve with our SL Series headphones, but we never gave up and continued our mission to create the best quality audio products. Fusing together both the latest audio technologies and great value, every one of our high-quality wireless earphones is designed with an emphasis on three key elements: Power, Clarity, and Comfort.


      Our Commitment & Belief

      Our commitment to you is that every employee at SOUL is dedicated to creating products that you can feel through the sounds of your favorite tunes because music is the fuel to your heart and SOUL.

      Our belief is that every SOUL has a story. The heart of every act - the reason why. It propels every person. The running, leaping and dancing. It's behind every entrepreneur, artist, musician, dancer and athlete. The Striving, perseverance, and overcoming. It gets you up early and keeps you up late. It's the voice in your head that says...KEEP GOING!


      SOUL delivers signature sound quality with powerful deep bass. The power that emanates from SOUL’s headphones and speakers move you. Couple this with state-of-the-art noise cancelling technology and you have wireless earbuds that inspires and gives listeners the intensity necessary to take their activities to the next level.


      SOUL’s signature sound quality is coupled with unmatched and pristine clarity of mid and high frequency ranges. We never sacrifice high-quality audio for bass or noise-cancellation in our wireless earphones. Hear the words in your favorite songs and movies with clear, accurate and balanced tonality just as they were intended to be heard, rather than being masked by over pounding bass!


      SOUL also focuses on quality, construction and comfort. SOUL products are long lasting, provide secure fits and are durable in construction. SOUL’s wireless earphones and headphones are designed and engineered to be ultra-comfortable, lightweight and ergonomic products perfect for satisfying long listening sessions.