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      How can I check on the status of my order?

      If you created a login at checkout you can simply log into your account in here and find out your status. if you did not create a login please contact our customer service.

      I saw some discounted SOUL products. Are these real or fake?

      If the price seems too good to be true then normally it is. Check our Authorized Retailers section to find out our official retailers of SOUL products.

      How do I know my warranty is valid? What does the warranty cover?

      As long as your headphones were purchased from an authorized retailer, and you can provide a copy of the original sales or gift receipt, the warranty is valid from the original purchase date. The receipt validates the manufacturer's warranty, which covers any possible manufacturer defects. It does not cover abuse, lost, stolen or resold product(s).

      The product I want is out of stock. How do I order it?

      We apologize for any inconvenience if the product is not available. Please check back as we usually replenish the product within 1-2 weeks of going out of stock.

      Do you ship internationally?

      Yes, We can ship internationally for some of SOUL products. In the meantime please check out the authorized retailers page to find out where you can purchase our SOUL products locally.

      My headphones aren’t working properly, how can I get a replacement under the manufacturer’s warranty?

      Please contact our customer service and someone will contact you within 24 hours.

      How can I reset my ST-XS earphones and pair the ST-XS left and right ear pieces together again?

      Please follow below ST-XS manual reset procedure to pair the Left and Right ear piece together:

      1. Make sure the ear pieces and charging case are fully charged with power. If there is no power, please help to charge them by USB cable.

      2. Take out both earbuds and turn them Off by press and hold the on/off button for around 4 seconds.

      3. Now Press and Hold on/off button of both earbuds for around 4 seconds until BLUE and WHITE LED start to flash and you will hear “Pairing”.

      4. Then left and right earbuds will start to pair with each other automatically, wait for a while*, you should hear “Connected” > then left ear piece will say “left channel” and right ear piece will say “right channel”, that means left and right ear pieces are connected. (* The connecting time usually take about 5-15 seconds, sometimes may take longer, please wait for longer time until you hear "Connected", if it does not connect, please start the whole procedure again.)

      5. Now you can pair ST-XS to your phone. Turn on your phone’s bluetooth function and search for new devices, “SOUL ST-XS” should be found for pairing.

      How can I reset my X-SHOCK earphones and pair the X-SHOCK left and right ear pieces together again?

      If there is any issue with the X-SHOCK earphone, please follow below X-SHOCK Reset procedure to reset your X-SHOCK item and make the left and right ear piece connect together.

      1. Put both X-shock ear pieces back to the charging case. Make sure they are charged with power.

      2. Press and Hold the power (S) button on Both Two Ear Pieces AT THE SAME TIME, press and hold for about 4-6 seconds until there are WHITE led lights FLASH ONCE on both ear pieces. It means the pair of ear pieces are reset now.

      3. After the ear pieces are reset, you will need to connect two ear pieces together again. Make sure the ear pieces are charged with power, take both ear pieces out and put them into your ears, the ear pieces should auto-connect each other, normally wait for around 5-15 seconds, once they are connected, you can hear the left ear piece say “Left Channel”, right ear piece say “Right Channel”, it means they are connected together.