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          Hanging with SOUL — earbuds

          We get the hustle, it’s early mornings and late nights, plenty of hard work and sacrifices. Come hang with SOUL, where we get together and celebrate achievements in music, sports and lifestyle. We talk about the latest trends and current events, and feature stories of individuals who inspire us to reach our fullest potential. Stay tuned for our upcoming stories.

          SOUL launches its second-generation truly wireless earbuds w/ IPX7 waterproofing

          SOUL launches its second-generation truly wireless earbuds w/ IPX7 waterproofing - SOULNATION

          The SOUL launched the ST-XS2 high-performance wireless earbuds coming in at a price point of $99.99, with some killer features.

          SOUL ST-XS2 Wireless Earbuds

          The SOUL ST-XS2 high-performance wireless earbuds feature a unique design that melds together some of my favorite features from previous earbuds I’ve tested. it has the smaller size of a more discrete bud, but an interior ear hook so it’s stable when you’re working out. That’s what the SOUL ST-XS2 was designed for after all, working out.

          Waterproofing for all!

          You’re not just getting a water-resistant rating with these buds, but a full waterproof IPX7 rating. That means that there’s very little you could do to destroy these buds in the elements. An IPX7 waterproof rating means that these buds are designed to be temporarily submerged in water, up to 1 meter, for a few minutes. Though we wouldn’t recommend swimming in them, they’re far more durable than IPX6- or IP66-rated buds, which are only designed to protect from splashes or sweat.

          soul st xs2 wireless earbuds

          All day battery & USB-C fast charging?

          The SOUL ST-XS2 feature a pocket-sized charging case that can keep you powered for up to 25 hours. Plus, it supports USB-C fast charging, because everything should be USB-C these days. We don’t find many truly wireless earbuds with USB-C, so this could be a huge selling point if you’re trying to slim down your life to a single cable.

          Bluetooth 5.0, AAC, & transparent audio mode

          As all earbuds these days should, SOUL ST-XS2 feature Bluetooth 5.0 and support for the AAC audio codec. This enabled them to auto-pair when you remove the buds from the box, and AAC will give you the best possible audio quality over Bluetooth.

          In a new trend, these buds also support a transparent audio mode. This means that if the passive noise isolation is too much for you, then you can have them use the microphones to pipe in external sounds so you can hear what’s going on. This is great when having a conversation with a friend, or if you just want to hear when traffic is approaching on an evening run.

          Customized fit

          These buds don’t just feature a turned-in tip to hold itself in your ear. No, there’s also an ear hook that keeps in in place, perfect for more strenuous activities like biking or running.

          The SOUL ST-XS2 offer the ear hook built-in and ready-to-go at a moment’s notice, meaning your tunes will stay put no matter what you put them through.

          Pricing and availability

          The SOUL ST-XS2 high-performance wireless earbuds are on sale now for $99.99 shipped, and if you buy two, you can save 20% with the code MOTHERSDAY20 bringing it down to a combined $160 for both.

          This post was written by the team from 9to5Toys.