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      SOUL launches its second-generation truly wireless earbuds w/ IPX7 waterproofing

      SOUL launches its second-generation truly wireless earbuds w/ IPX7 waterproofing

      The SOUL launched the ST-XS2 high-performance wireless earbuds coming in at a price point of $99.99, with some killer features.

      SOUL ST-XS2 Wireless Earbuds

      The SOUL ST-XS2 high-performance wireless earbuds feature a unique design that melds together some of my favorite features from previous earbuds I’ve tested. it has the smaller size of a more discrete bud, but an interior ear hook so it’s stable when you’re working out. That’s what the SOUL ST-XS2 was designed for after all, working out.

      Waterproofing for all!

      You’re not just getting a water-resistant rating with these buds, but a full waterproof IPX7 rating. That means that there’s very little you could do to destroy these buds in the elements. An IPX7 waterproof rating means that these buds are designed to be temporarily submerged in water, up to 1 meter, for a few minutes. Though we wouldn’t recommend swimming in them, they’re far more durable than IPX6- or IP66-rated buds, which are only designed to protect from splashes or sweat.

      soul st xs2 wireless earbuds

      All day battery & USB-C fast charging?

      The SOUL ST-XS2 feature a pocket-sized charging case that can keep you powered for up to 25 hours. Plus, it supports USB-C fast charging, because everything should be USB-C these days. We don’t find many truly wireless earbuds with USB-C, so this could be a huge selling point if you’re trying to slim down your life to a single cable.

      Bluetooth 5.0, AAC, & transparent audio mode

      As all earbuds these days should, SOUL ST-XS2 feature Bluetooth 5.0 and support for the AAC audio codec. This enabled them to auto-pair when you remove the buds from the box, and AAC will give you the best possible audio quality over Bluetooth.

      In a new trend, these buds also support a transparent audio mode. This means that if the passive noise isolation is too much for you, then you can have them use the microphones to pipe in external sounds so you can hear what’s going on. This is great when having a conversation with a friend, or if you just want to hear when traffic is approaching on an evening run.

      Customized fit

      These buds don’t just feature a turned-in tip to hold itself in your ear. No, there’s also an ear hook that keeps in in place, perfect for more strenuous activities like biking or running.

      The SOUL ST-XS2 offer the ear hook built-in and ready-to-go at a moment’s notice, meaning your tunes will stay put no matter what you put them through.

      Pricing and availability

      The SOUL ST-XS2 high-performance wireless earbuds are on sale now for $99.99 shipped, and if you buy two, you can save 20% with the code MOTHERSDAY20 bringing it down to a combined $160 for both.

      This post was written by the team from 9to5Toys.

      Run Free Pro Bio hands-on: A hearable to make you a better runner

      Run Free Pro Bio hands-on: A hearable to make you a better runner

      We take the gait analyzing headphones out for a spin

      Running with AI coach headphones

      The Run Free Bio from Soul is a set of smart sports headphonesthat wants to help runners become better runners. Unveiled back in January at CES and now available to buy in the US for $149.99 with a launch outside of the US slated for later in 2018, these wireless in-ears include innovative tech that's capable of delivering the same kind of gait analysis you’d normally have to go to a specialist running store for.

      That hit of biomechanics data is used to provide real-time coaching to fix bad running form and reduce the chances of picking up an injury.

      I’ve been fortunate enough to get a pair to try out, and squeezed in a couple of runs with them to find out just how well the coaching skills work and whether they do those sports headphones basics well too.

      Run Free Pro Bio: Design and sound

      Run Free Pro Bio hands-on: A hearable to make you a better runner

      Before I get into those coaching skills I want to talk about what they’re like to wear. Design-wise, they don’t stray too far away from the look of your average sporty in-ear headphones. They’re available in red or grey, there's a built-in remote for music and call control with a small compartment hiding away the microUSB charging port. A flattened cable holds everything together with a small clip to tighten the fit when they’re lying on the back of your neck. The earbud casing looks a bit on the large side, which is down to the need to house the biomechanics-collecting tech.

      The sweat proof in-ears include replaceable ear tips and ear hooks to give you the most comfortable fit, and it definitely pays off to play around and find the ones that work best for you. Once I did settle on the right combo, any concerns with the bulky look buds quickly dissipated. The tips sit snug inside the ears and remained secure during my first run out with them.

      There are a couple of extras I really like that will appeal to nighttime runners too. The cable is reflective to aid visibility and there’s an LED safety light in the bottom of the battery that’s built into the cable. It’s switched on as default, but you can switch it off from the companion app when you're running during the day.

      On the sound quality front thankfully they don’t fall into the category of sports headphones that put an emphasis on bass, sacrificing clarity and detail in the process. They don’t roar with power, but they’re definitely not on the quiet side either. It’s a nice balance and it was overall a solid listening experience with decent isolation and no signs of leaking. There’s no in-app equaliser to tinker with the sound profile, but most people are going to be satisfied with what these muster up out of the box.

      Run Free Pro Bio: How the real-time coaching tech works

      Run Free Pro Bio hands-on: A hearable to make you a better runner

      So let’s get into that gait analysis tech. Soul has teamed up with a company called Beflex Inc which claims that its chip tech is able to extract accurate running form data based on head motion.

      The BiomechEngine can collect data on cadence, head angle, vertical oscillation, step width, symmetry and shock. This information is then used to offer more advanced running metrics to review post run in the app. It can also be used during a run to recognise when there are issues in your technique, offer fixes and let you know when they’ve been addressed in real time.

      To get that coaching hit you’ll need to download the Soul Fit smartphone app, which is available for both iOS and Android. I downloaded both apps and they’re near identical as far as layout and features go. There are two connections you need to make: the first is to connect the headphone as an audio device to play your music. The second is to connect to the Biotech engine to track your run. The latter though needs to be done from within the app.

      When you’re ready to run, it’s a simple case of going back to the app's home screen, selecting whether you want to track indoors or outdoors and then hitting play. There's no GPS sensor built into these headphones, so you'll need your phone with you to track routes and to experience the real-time coaching.

      Run Free Pro Bio: The run test

      Run Free Pro Bio hands-on: A hearable to make you a better runner

      As I mentioned I’ve only had a couple of runs with them, but early signs suggest there’s a lot to like about the Pro Bio headphones. My experience wasn't free from niggles, but on the whole Soul could have something quite impressive on its hands.

      As I started my run, the first feedback I received focused on my feet symmetry, pointing out that my right foot was weak. I'm a leftie and I know I always put more emphasis on my left side, so it wasn't all surprising to hear that. The robotic-sounding coach told me to pay closer attention to how my right foot was landing in comparison to my left. A few seconds later, the coach told me I had addressed the issue. When I switched from road to trails and I was 5-6 miles more into my run, I was now being alerted to the fact that I was hitting the the floor too hard with my foot and was asked to soften that foot strike. It’s similar to feedback I’ve received using the Lumo Run so it was definitely an aspect of my technique that I know I can encounter issues with.

      The part of my gait I had the most consistent feedback about on my run was my head angle, which is related to posture, specifically the upper body. On numerous occasions I was told that my head was too high or too low and that I needed to raise it and look forward. I seemed to address it on most occasions, but near the end of a run the feedback to fix it came at an irritating rate. Despite feeling like I had addressed it, I wasn't 100 per cent happy that the angle it said was okay was actually okay. Analysing upper body posture is important but it felt like the inability to analyse posture further down was a problem.

      On the whole though, I found the coaching useful and surprisingly insightful. It was nice to hear when I was on top of my running form, but also good to be told when my technique was dropping and to get advice on what I needed to do to correct it. I should mention one issue I did have during that first test run and that was when the headphones disconnected from my iPhone. When I returned to the app I was able to simply reconnect, but it meant that I had to restart the session. Thankfully the session I had completed was saved.

      Run Free Pro Bio: Reviewing the data

      Run Free Pro Bio hands-on: A hearable to make you a better runner

      Heading back to the Soul Fit app and under the History tab I can see my logged runs. Along with a map of the route, I can review standard information like distance, pace, speed, time, splits, active time and running time. There’s also further data on altitude and cadence, which served up the same 175spm that my Garmin Forerunner 935 paired to the Running Dynamics Podrecorded. There are also dedicated screens for running form covering head angle, step width, step length and vertical oscillation. There’s a lot of data here, but what I like is that you can expand this to get a better understanding of what the running data means and what you can do to make improvements.

      But there’s more. You also get data related to injury risk with information related to leg stiffness, shock, max force, symmetry and consistency. I’d need to register a fair few more runs to see how reliable this data is, but there's definitely plenty of data here and thankfully there's an effort to help runners make sense of it.

      Initial thoughts

      While a lot of sports headphone companies have taken the route of smartening up their tech with heart rate monitors and fitness trackers, maybe coaching is actually the way to go. I have to admit that my expectations were low with the Run Free Pro Bio, but what I've found so far is a really well designed pair of in-ear headphones that tick off those basics, but also brings something really innovative to the party. I haven't been this impressed by a real-time coaching running wearable since the Lumo Run.

      The Run Free Bio has something going for it that the Lumo Run doesn't though, and that's building its coaching powers into headphones, something I and no doubt a lot of people will always run with. It'll take a fair few more runs to really know if those coaching insights are making a difference, but it looks like the folks at Soul could be on to something here.

      Learn more


      #SOULFORGALS: Glam Up with the Prime Wireless!

      #SOULFORGALS: Glam Up with the Prime Wireless!

      SOUL Prime Wireless Wireless Earphones

      SOUL Prime Wireless Wireless Earphones

      Ladies and gentleman – well, ladies in particular … Introducing the Prime Wireless. From September 16, 2017, SOUL was making waves on the show floor at IFA Berlin, Europe's biggest tech show. With over 1,800 exhibitors flaunting their wares and hundreds of thousands of attendees, SOUL has successfully stood out from the crowd with the introduction of the PRIME Wireless - High Performance Earphones with Bluetooth.

      Fashionable, Trendy and Compact

      SOUL Prime Wireless Wireless Earphones

      At SOUL, the emphasis has always been on combining athletic-oriented functionality with a sleek, lifestyle-based aesthetic. And while most of our models are designed from a unisex perspective, the PRIME Wireless was created with female uses in mind. Compact and stylish these earphones are just the ticket for all occasions. Whether you're donning your athletic apparel while working out or dressed in your evening best for a swank soiree, the earphones are the perfect audio accompaniment.

      What makes these earphones particularly suited to all types of environments is the unobtrusive, lightweight build. The earphones are made from high density metal alloy, which utilizes a distinctly balanced weight and texture for a premium look and feel.

      Magnetic Clip

      SOUL Prime Wireless Wireless Earphones

      The PRIME Wireless incorporates a magnetic clip design that allows the back of the two buds to click together, keeping them in place. This enables them to be worn around the neck like a necklace when they're not being used. If you don’t think earphones can be an elegant accessory for a high-class event, you might want to take a closer look at the tasteful color schemes SOUL has selected for the earphones. From intensive workouts to formal events, the PRIME Wireless works for all of occasions.

      All Styles and Tastes

      SOUL Prime Wireless Wireless Earphones

      SOUL Prime Wireless Wireless Earphones

      SOUL Prime Wireless Wireless Earphones

      SOUL Prime Wireless Wireless Earphones

      The various hues have been specifically chosen to ensure that the PRIME Wireless blend seamlessly with all types of attire. There are the classic shades: Garnett Black and Moonstone White as well as two more adventurous special editions: Emerald Green and Rose Pink. Whichever color tickles your fancy, you'll be at crossroads of cutting-edge innovation and cool contemporary chic when wearing the PRIME Wireless.

      In keeping with their sophisticated and understated appearance, the earphones come with an elegant smooth leather pouch that protects the earphones while taking up a minimum of space. This little pouch slips into the tightest of jeans pockets and the smallest of bag compartments. You won't even feel it's there!

      Size Things Up

      SOUL Prime Wireless Wireless Earphones

      Naturally, when they're in place, the earphones are secure and comfortable, with a range of interchangeable ear-tips on offer to provide the perfect fit for all shapes and sizes. As with all SOUL products, the PRIME Wireless will stay in place in all but the harshest, most intense conditions. These earphones may look soft and gentle but make no mistake, they can easily make the transition to rough and ready when need be.

      Well-Rounded Sound

      SOUL Prime Wireless Wireless Earphones

      To be clear, you don't need to worry about the PRIME Wireless being all looks and no substance. As ever, the brand more than holds up its ends of the bargain with the audio side of things. An advanced driver and top-notch engineering make for a crisp, well-rounded sound with a deep, low bass and the usual clears mids and highs. With six hours of playtime, you'll be good for most outdoor urban experiences.

      If you're looking for a pair of earphones that marries sound, style and sophistication, an audio accessory that suits frenetic gym sessions just as well as sedate social functions, SOUL has the Prime candidate for you right here.

      Know More Product Detail : PRIME WIRELESS High Performance Earphones with Bluetooth

      Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

      Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

      Designed for sports and bass lovers

      “That’s some serious bass. Really impressed with the place.
      It’s not the most crisp in terms of the mids and highs, but certainly if you’re a bass lover, and you’re looking for something for sports, then these are pretty good."

      "All in all, I’m really impressed with the sound quality on these, and the bass on these is very very impressive for what is essentially a pair of headphones that you can wear for sports like I said at the start.”

      LED design for your safety

      “LED lights in nighttime that’s gonna look pretty cool. That would be far safer and just a better design in general.”

      Compact and convenient to carry

      “A carabiner you can put it on your belt, hang it off a bike, or in your bag. The size is quite good for sports.”

      Designed for comfort and fit

      “ They are very flexible because of that rubber top. They do fit really well.”

      Learn more about X-TRA

      Little Big Man: Soul's Storm Weatherproof Wireless Speaker Packs an Outsized Party Punch

      Little Big Man: Soul's Storm Weatherproof Wireless Speaker Packs an Outsized Party Punch

      SOUL Storm portable waterproof bluetooth speaker

      There's nothing like maxing out poolside on a hot summer's afternoon. And no pool party would be complete without good music. Wireless, Bluetooth speakers are obviously the way to go, but there are obviously some important considerations in choosing the right device.

      Think about it: What is usually happening at the typical pool party? Cold beers, sangria and other summer tipples are being slurped, while everyone is is enjoying themselves, jumping in and out of the pool and splashing around. It's a a great vibe but also a potential disaster in the offing when it comes to looking after your electronic equipment.

      As the party bounces into full effect, a portable speaker is inevitably going to gets moved and bumped around. It doesn't take much to guess what could happen – someone bombs the pool and a mini tsunami engulfs the speaker. Worse yet, a merrymaker reaches for his bottle and knocks the speaker straight into the watery depths. Suddenly the sounds splutter out, the beat that underscored the party collapses, the mood is dampened.

      But fear not, party people! Always thinking of the customer's specific needs, Soul is unveiling the Storm Weatherproof Wireless Speaker. This palm-sized piece of audio art combines portability, the signature sound you've come to expect from Soul products, and – best of all – a partyproof design that allows it to withstand the inevitable pitfalls and mishaps that are part and parcel of outdoor summer madness.

      Not only does the Storm stand up to rain, snow and a host of other harsh and inclement weather conditions, it can be dropped into water with no ill effects. In tests, the Soul has survived intact and continued to pump tunes even when fully submerged in water as demonstrated in this video here.

      The speaker adheres to the IP67 protections standard. In layman's terms, that means it is dust proof – making it the ideal sound solution for the hot, dry, sandy conditions on beach – and capable of withstanding water immersion to a depth of up to one meter for 30 minutes.

      One supercool feature is the way the Storm sprays out the water from the speaker grill once it has been retrieved from under the water. To be honest, though, you don't even need to worry about the speaker going under, for one simple reason: the Storm is buoyant. Yup, that's right. This speaker floats on the surface of the water, so you can chuck it straight in the pool and have it sitting there on the surface with you as you engage in all kinds of aquatic antics.

      Now how about some of the specs and standout features? Small in size, but big on sound, this compact speaker delivers a 5-watt output that combines a full, in-depth range with a genuinely lifelike sound. It features a smooth, non-slip silicone sleeve that makes it comfortable to hold and ensures that is less likely to get knocked off tables and what-not. Even if does hit the deck, the sleeve provides ample protection against any serious damage.

      Another great element of the Storm is its carabiner loop. The speaker comes with a separate carabiner – a little metal shackle – which can be attached to small opening at the top of the speaker. This allows you to hang the speaker wherever you like, including – if you feel like getting '80s hip-hop with it – around your neck, Flavor Flav clock style.

      On the playtime front, the Storm has eight hours of life, which will keep it going for much of your party, before you need to give it some more juice. The speaker's compactness, lightweight build (162g) and portability – particularly the carabiner function – make recharging super convenient as it can be placed or dangled almost anywhere. The speaker also has a range of 10 meters (33 feet) from the device it is paired with.

      Finally, with guests coming and going at your pool party, you might need to make and take calls. With its hand free function, you won't have to worry about fiddling with your phone or a separate device. The Storm has you covered.

      Now available in a limited edition Storm Camo model, which includes Green Stealth, Blue Force and Red Desert colors, the Storm Weatherproof Wireless Speaker is the perfect party companion and a speaker for all seasons.

      SOUL X-TRA Performance Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones for Sports: EXTRA SOUND, EXTRA MOTIVATION

      SOUL X-TRA Performance Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones for Sports:  EXTRA SOUND, EXTRA MOTIVATION

      SOUL X-TRA Performance Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones for Sports

      X-TRA - Performance Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones for Sports

      Working Up a Sweat

      If you're working out or engaging in any kind of strenuous outdoor activity especially during these summer months, there's a good chance you'll be working up a sweat. That might cause you to favor lightweight and sweatproof earphones such as the SOUL Run Free Pro HD, balanced armature earphones, designed to stay on with minimum intrusion.

      But what if you could get your hands on a pair of over-ear or circumaural headphones, specially designed with athletes and outdoor explorers in mind? That's what the SOUL XTRA Wireless offers. This is a lightweight, ergonomically designed pair of phones designed to fit snugly around the head in the most unobtrusive manner imaginable. Their full earcup articulation ensures unparalleled levels of comfort, and guarantees these phones will stay on during even the most hardcore of workouts. X-TRA also enabled with the Bluetooth v4.0 system, which gives you faster transmission speeds using lower power consumption, for a perfect wireless experience. Moreover, as we'll see later, the pads on these phones are designed with those sweaty activities in mind.

      Naturally, there's also the signature sound quality you've come to expect from SOUL. Using advanced HD drivers and sophisticated circuitry design, the SOUL XTRA Wireless offer balanced bass with clear mids and highs. All of this makes for the ultimate user experience.

      SOUL X-TRA Performance Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones for Sports

      Play Hard, Play Long

      Without doubt, one of the standout selling-points of the XTRA Wireless is its incredible Up to 24 hours of play time. No, you didn't read that wrong! These headphones can keep your favorite jams on rotate for an entire day. And, it gets better. You're probably getting accustomed to the fast charge facility that is part and parcel of SOUL products. The XTRA Wireless is no exception. By plugging these phones in for just 15 minutes, you're assured an extra 150 minutes of power. You really can't ask for much more than that: 2 hours on the fly. Finally, if push comes to shove and you completely run out of juice, there's a line-in option to save your bacon! Whether you're working out or just bowling through your neighborhood, you'll never need to worry about flatlining.

      SOUL X-TRA Performance Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones for Sports

      Trust me when I say this play time claim is legit. I've been using the XTRA Wireless for well over a month doing my usual interval-sprint workouts down at my local track and they're still going strong. If further proof were needed, I recently took the headphones on a four-day hiking trip where we were walking at least five hours each day and they showed no signs of giving up the ghost. Exemplary stuff!

      Live in the Light

      Now this next feature might not look like much at first, but it's actually a really kick-ass element of the SOUL XTRA Wireless experience. You might remember from our previous unboxing blog that the SOUL Run Free Pro HD incorporated those neat reflective cables to make sure you're more visible after dark. With the SOUL XTRA Wireless, we take things a stage further by including dual mode LED lights along the band of the headphones. These give you a greater degree of visibility than ever before, to guard against any nocturnal mishaps while you're enjoying your night time workout or stroll. Comprising a dual setting of still and flashing modes, they can thus be adjusted to fit particular weather and climate conditions or personal requirements. With this feature, you'll no longer have to worry about being visible to vehicles, cyclists or like-minded night time ramblers.

      SOUL X-TRA Performance Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones for Sports

      A Legend Unfolds

      One of the biggest issues with over-ear headphones is that they can be clunky, unwieldy affairs. Not so, the XTRA Wireless. With their foldable design, the phones can be folded flat, rendering them perfectly compact for easy and convenient storage and transport. While there are other foldable headphones on the market, few can be reduced in size so efficiently as the SOUL XTRA Wireless. This compactness not only saves space in your napsack, it protects the phones from the wear and tear that they are often subjected to as the bump around while you're on the move.

      SOUL X-TRA Performance Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones for Sports

      I'm a big traveler – I'll be approaching 50 countries this summer – and this a big deal for me. I'm someone who likes to be on and off flights – or any type of TRAnsportation for that matter – at breakneck speed. For this reason, I haven't checked luggage onto a flight in over a decade. With a trip to Spain, Romania and the UK coming up in a couple of months, I'm not about to change my light-and-mobile habits. The design of the XTRA Wireless means I won't have to worry about clogging up my backpack.

      Welcome to the Pads

      I mentioned the pads in passing near the beginning of this article. Along with the LED lights and foldable design, this feature really sets the XTRA Wireless out from other headphone. There's nothing worse than the sticky feel of a pair of pads that has accumulated months of workout sweat. Well, maybe one thing: the unholy stench that the pads are inevitably going to give off after prolonged usage.

      SOUL X-TRA Performance Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones for Sports

      With the SOUL XTRA Wireless, there's literally no sweat when it comes to these twin perspiration-related issues. Firstly, the pads have been fashioned from a breathable sports material that allows for maximum moisture wicking. If you don't know about this cutting-edge fabric technology, it's basically a kind of polyster woven in such a way as to force moisture up through the gaps of the weave so it can find the outer shell of the material. This ensures the fabric itself does not act like a sponge, soaking up and retaining all that excess sweat.

      For some of you sticklers for cleanliness and hygiene out there, that might not be quite enough. No matter how good that moisture wicking material is, there's always going to be a certain amount of stickiness and odor, right? Well, we've thought about that, too, and come up with the perfect solution. Wouldn't it be great if you could just pull the pads off and wash them? Well, that's exactly what you can do. The SOUL XTRA Wireless comes with removable and washable pads that can be taken off and cleaned up as often as you like. The breathable headband is also one of most special feature of XTRA. Unlike other headphones, XTRA headband is made from rubber materials with breathable designed for maximum coolness during workout or running.

      With all of the above features taken into account, we're pretty certain you won't find a better pair of over-ear headphones catering to the hands-on, outdoor adventurer. In combination with the SOUL Run Free Pro HD, the SOUL XTRA Wireless has just about everything you need for an active lifestyle.

      Know More Product Detail :X-TRA - Performance Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones for Sports